GMS to Help REMC with Field Inventory of System

pole tag reading "CW REMC. 0000001" and containing a QR codeCarroll White REMC has hired Global Mapping Solutions (GMS) to perform an electric system inventory. Two GMS field technicians will log the location, take digital photographs , and gather equipment information of every pole, meter, and transformer that Carroll White REMC owns. They will also install new pole tags on all the Carroll White utility poles. (An example is shown to the right.)

Work began in the northern part of the REMC’s system in March 2019 and is expected to continue to the southern system through December 2020.

Data collected will be used to update the REMC’s system maps . With more accurate electric system information and data, engineering and operations efficiencies can be implemented. As well, system reliability should be improved since older, outdated equipment and poles can be located and replaced before they affect service.

Expect to see the GMS technicians in their trucks , walking from pole to pole and possibly using ATVs as they gather data. GMS vehicles will have a Carroll White REMC logo on the driver and passenger sides.

If you have any questions please contact the office at 800-844- 7161 or by email at