A New Way to Communicate With You

Carroll White REMC will launch a podcast in early 2021 called News & Notes from Carroll White REMC.

Our foray into this communications avenue is just another way for us to increase member engagement.
Member engagement is one of our strategic initiatives. Through podcasts, we can communicate a
variety of topics in a conversational format.

We all have our own favorite ways to receive information. Not everyone reads our monthly magazine or
checks us out on Facebook or Twitter. Podcasts are becoming more and more popular and prevalent for those
who enjoy watching and listening vs. reading.

You can listen to our podcasts as you are multi-tasking. Need something to listen to while riding in the combine?
How about as you are preparing dinner in the kitchen or riding in a vehicle while enroute to your errands?
Check out our podcasts.

We obviously would love to build an audience to share information about Carroll White REMC and the

community we serve. We will also have a monthly segment with our energy advisor, Joe Spear, who will
discuss energy efficiency and ways to save money on you bill! We’ll feature special guests from our community
including elected officials, economic development professionals, or even local high school basketball coaches
at sectional time!

This will be a fun, engaging format that we think you will enjoy. If you have any ideas about topics you
would like us to cover, please contact Communications and Public Relations Manager Casey Crabb at ccrabb@cwremc.coop or by phone at 574-583-0224.

Listen to New and Notes here News and Notes Podcasts