Dr. Suess and helping others

Kristen Miller and family

Operation Round Up board chair begins latest new adventure

Kristen Miller, the newly elected chairman of the Operation Round Up board of trustees, received a special gift from one of her teachers years ago: the Dr. Seuss book “Oh, the Place You’ll Go!”

“I didn’t realize how true those words could be until I ventured out into the world,” Miller said, recalling the acclaimed book’s spot-on poem about beginning new phases in life. “I often think about what the book really means when I start a new adventure or set a new goal in life. I smile knowing that it was exactly what my teacher meant when she gave it to me all those years ago.”

The Bringhurst resident, a 10-year REMC member, had served just two years on the Operation Round Up
board when she was elected its board chair on Jan. 14. But the seeds for her latest great adventure were planted
earlier and it’s all due to her penchant for serving others.

When Milt Rodgers, the previous District I board member, approached Miller about serving on the Operation Round Up board, she couldn’t say “no.” “I knew Milt from when I was just a child attending Sunday School,” Miller, who grew up in an REMC household, said. “Milt knew I volunteered in other areas of the community. Honestly, I jumped at the opportunity to be able to help provide funding to local organizations in our communities. I was humbled by the fact that Milt thought I might be able to serve in the role on the board.” 

And because she said “yes” to Rodgers’ request, Miller noted, “I have been grateful for the opportunity to represent the community.”

Miller’s other community service activities are varied. She and her husband, Cody, both volunteer for the Carroll County 4-H Shooting Sports. “My husband also serves on the Democrat Township Volunteer Fire Department, which means that I regularly get to help out behind the scenes as well,” Miller said. “We both have always been passionate about serving our community in any capacity that we can. We enjoy volunteering locally knowing that we are benefiting people like our neighbors.”

Miller is cognizant that Operation Round Up’s ability to benefit our neighbors depends on the generosity of the REMC’s members. She is thankful for the generosity. “The Operation Round Up board wouldn’t be able to help as many organizations in our community as we do without the participation of so many CW REMC members,” she said. “Each organization that receives any amount of funds is appreciative for any support that we can help provide.”

“A few cents rounded up each month can go further than most people realize! The more members who participate means more support we can provide to our own local organizations. This is one of the easiest ways to ‘volunteer’ without leaving your house!” – Operation Round Up Board of Trustees Chairman Kristen Miller