Leavitt brings years of experience to new role at REMC

Chuck Leavitt, Carroll White REMC’s new director of engineering, has many years of experience working not only in the electric cooperative industry but the private sector and investorowned utility world as well.

“I worked for Alpha Engineering of Indiana for nine years and then joined Cinergy/PSI or Duke Energy for 15 years,” Leavitt said. “In 2012, I began work at South Central Indiana REMC (headquartered in Martinsville,
Indiana) as manager of engineering.” On Oct. 25, 2021, Leavitt joined the CW REMC team. He is confident his experience will help him lead CW REMC’s engineering department in a positive and efficient direction. 

“REMCs are much different than a Duke Energy,” Leavitt noted. “I like the culture of the REMC and how we work together to solve problems and complete projects. I like how REMC keeps things real and as simple as

Leavitt takes the co-op’s commitment to serving its members seriously. “As an employee, I am committed to use the members’ money in the most efficient way possible, to bring the members electricity at the most reliable price possible, and to improve the system,” he said.

An Elwood native, Leavitt graduated from Purdue University in 1997 with a degree in electrical engineering technology. In 2003, he received his MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University.

More about Chuck Leavitt

 Leavitt and his wife of 34 years, Joni, live in Lebanon and have three children. Son Ryland, 32, lives with his wife, Kelly, and three-year-old daughter Amelia in Evansville. Daughter Ashleigh Woodard, 29, lives next door to her parents with husband Daniel and their two daughters, Paisleigh, 6, and Reliegh, 4. Youngest daughter Carli, 24, is a 2021 University of Evansville graduate who currently attends Marian University’s nursing school in Indianapolis. 

•  He enjoys cookouts with his family.

• He, his wife and daughter and two of the grandkids deliver hot meals to people on Thanksgiving. “The grandkids enjoy it the most!” Leavitt said. “It is very fun to see the girls enjoy the experience.”

• His favorite book: “Night” by Elie Wiesel.

• His life philosophy: Life is a journey, not a destination. “To me, it means do not get so focused on your destination that you ignore the ride.”