Junior board member Chase Long describes
himself as “competitive,” a trait that serves
him well on the baseball field.

Lessons learned on the junior board

Carroll White REMC, says junior board member Chase Long, is like a large family. “Being on the junior board has taught me to take care of my community and the people around
me,” he said. “I now have a clear understanding of what a cooperative really is. I’ve learned how hard REMC works to make their members happy.”

Though Long, a Delphi Community High School student, has only been on the junior board since last fall, the experience has already been life changing. “I have learned a lot through this experience,” he said. “I know more about effective meeting structure, and it has increased my people skills. It allows me to make connections which will help with my

Long’s creative thinking skills are a huge asset to the junior board. “I see from a very ‘outside the box’ view,” he said. “I think I am very competitive but in a sympathetic way.”

His life philosophy is “Work is hard. Treat people with respect and good things will come.”

Casey Crabb, CW REMC communications and public relations manager, notes attributes like Long’s are important to the REMC. “Maybe we can persuade Chase and some of these Junior Board members to bring that competitive, caring attitude back to our area for some future REMC positions whether that’s as an employee or in some other role.”

Long said playing baseball is his favorite thing to do. He and his family (parents Stephanie and Ryan Long, and 19-year-old brother Jaden, a Purdue University student) live on Lake Shafer, across from Indiana Beach, and Long enjoys going out on the lake and working out. The busy 17-year-old is a member of the National Honor Society, Spanish Club and Varsity D. “I enjoy volunteering with sporting events and working with younger kids at school,” Long said. “I am a very fun person — at least, I like to think so. If anyone ever needs anything, do not hesitate to reach out.”

Upon graduating from high school, Long plans to attend college and study to be an orthodontist or engineer … and play baseball.