Another tool to provide a more in-depth view of a member’s electric usage is now available at no cost. It’s Consumer Analytics powered by Bidegly. Consumer Analytics will use patented technology to analyze meter data (the same data we use to calculate your bill) to determine how much energy your major appliances consume. This is commonly called disaggregation.

Disaggregation is the process that takes usage data from your meter and identifies individual appliance types within the home that are actually using the energy. Basically, appliances like air conditioners and electric heating leave distinct fingerprints in your energy use data. With the right software algorithms, usage of specific appliances can be identified and estimated.

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Q & A about Consumer Analytics

Always On represents electricity that is used every day, constantly, throughout the month. It includes standby power, as well as electricity being used by devices such as routers, cable boxes, chargers, thermostats, security systems, and fish-tank pumps.

  • Refrigerator: The cooling mechanism of refrigerators turns itself on and off throughout the day. Our algorithm detects this on/off cycle, which helps separate refrigerator electricity usage from Always On.
  • TV/Desktop PC: When the TV/computer is being used, it is included in Entertainment. When the TV is off, but still plugged into the wall, it is included in Always On.
  • Space Heater/Air Conditioner: Heating and Cooling systems turn themselves on and off depending on your thermostat setting. Our algorithm detects when these systems turn on and off, which helps separate Heating and Cooling energy usage from Always On.

Note: Appliances marked as “do not own” will not appear in the breakdown.

  • Heating/Cooling: The algorithm may have missed your usage if usage is quite small and/or is only running for a very short duration, particularly if it is towards the beginning or the end of a heating/cooling season.
  • Pool Pump: The algorithm may have missed your usage because a pool is not a common feature in a home across the Utility service area. Please update your appliance profile to indicate that you run a pool pump.
  • Water Heater: The algorithm may have missed your usage because electric water heaters are not as common as gas water heaters across the Utility service area. Please update your appliance profile to indicate that you run an electric water heater.
  • Other appliance categories: Some appliance categories might not show up if they’re not commonly seen across the Utility service area. Please update your appliance profile to indicate that you own the appliance(s) in question.

In these cases, the algorithm typically categorizes undetected appliances under the Others category.

Some gas-based heating, such as a central furnace, consumes some electricity. To circulate hot air throughout the home, all central furnaces have an electric blower, pump or fan, which our algorithm recognizes and attributes to Heating.

Yes, the algorithm detects the electric energy consumption of all types of space heaters.

It may take some time for our algorithm to learn how you tend to use energy throughout the year. Also, the algorithm is designed to take into account how a typical home uses energy as the default behavior for a given geographic region. If a specific estimate looks wrong to you, please update the appliance profile to indicate the exact appliances you own or provide feedback comments.

Carroll White REMC can opt out a single member if requested. This will update the account in SmartHub within 24 hrs.

Any energy that cannot be attributed to one of the appliance categories will be categorized as ‘Others’. The ‘Others’ category can contain energy usage from hair dryers, mobile chargers, alarm systems, irons, vacuum cleaners and other miscellaneous appliances. On average, ‘Others’ accounts for 10% of home coverage, and is variable by region and season.

You’re receiving email alerts and notifications on a regular basis with personalized information to help you better understand your electricity usage and costs.

There are multiple types of emails:

  • A Monthly Summary email captures how much electricity you used during your last billing period, provides insight into electricity usage by appliance, and includes tips on how to save.
  • A Bill Projection alert the customer to their estimated bill for their billing cycle
  • An Energy Highlights alert shows personalized suggestions based on energy consumption. The purpose of these brief emails are to educate, raise awareness on current inefficiencies/efficiencies in usage management, and drive engagement with CTAs (Call To Action) that navigate to specific Web pages.
  • A High Usage Alert which indicates you have increased usage compared to your average usage for either a weekend or weekday in the last 3-5 days

Yes, these email alerts are managed separately and don’t impact how or when you receive your bills.

These email alerts only include energy charges and not the total bill amount. Also, the projected amount differs slightly from the actual amount due to various fees, etc., from your Utility.

Any questions about Consumer Analytics please contact Carroll White REMC at (800) 844-7161 or by e-mail at