Thinking about building a new home or structure that will need new electrical service?

The following information is provided to help avoid any problems in providing electric service. The member should also consider contacting telephone and TV utilities before construction. The member is also required to provide a minimum clear zone of 10-feet in front of all padmount transformers and switchgear. No shrubbery or other obstruction is allowed around this equipment.

What to Consider

  • Will this new service be overhead or underground?
  • What is the approximate distance (in feet) from our nearest facility to your new service location?
  • What will be your service size (amps, KW total connected load)?
  • Where will your meter base be located?
  • Find out what rebates are available for new homes.
  • Contact Carroll White REMC to schedule an operations appointment.

In order to provide a job cost, the locations of the following will be needed at the time of the operations appointment:

  • Property Corners
  • Driveway
  • Well
  • Septic and drain field
  • Preferred transformer location
  • Preferred meter location

Please reference the CW REMC Wiring Guide (PDF) for more information.