We are always looking for fresh, new proposals.

Please do not hesitate to submit your request, no matter how large or small your project might be.

The role of the Trustees of the Carroll White REMC Community Trust, Inc. is to make the best use of the funds entrusted to us to support activities within the Carroll White REMC service territory and to be sure that whatever gifts we make are handled wisely.

Because we want to be helpful to as many organizations as possible, we encourage you to seek funding from more than just Carroll White REMC Community Trust, Inc.  We will not penalize you for doing that; in fact, when we see that you have been resourceful – that is, your organization is willing to put some of its own money into a project, and has gotten or is working on getting support from other organizations as well – that lends strength to your proposal.  Applications should be submitted before projects are begun.

If your organization has funds to complete this project without our assistance, we assume you will fund it yourselves.  Because it helps us to understand the priorities and financial health of an organization, we ask you to provide the requested financial information.

Once we have received a request, that request will go to the Trust Board.  The Board is free to support, question, or deny any request.  Once the board has approved a request, a check will be written to the organization.

Grant proposals will be reviewed using the following criteria:

  1. Is there an established need for the program/project for which the grant is requested;
  2. Is it appropriate for the Carroll White REMC Community Trust to make a grant for the requested purpose, or are there more compatible sources of potential funding
  3. Does the trust have adequate resources to effectively respond to this need; and
  4. Is it good for the surrounding counties.

Granting Periods

First Quarter

Deadline for Applications: last business day in Dec/close of business

Board Action on Grant Request: 2nd Thursday in January

Second Quarter

Deadline for Applications: Last business day in March/close of business

Board Action on Grant Request: 2nd Thursday in April

Third Quarter

Deadline for Applications: Last business day in June/close of business

Board Action on Grant Request: 2nd Thursday in July

Fourth Quarter

Deadline for Applications: Last business day in Sept/close of business

Board Action on Grant Request: 2nd Thursday in October

Application Procedure

In submitting application for consideration of funds, the following procedure MUST be followed:

  1. All applications must be filled out and submitted online through our Carroll White REMC website.
  2. Application must be received through the Carroll White REMC website by 4:30 p.m. on the date of the ‘Deadline for Applications’ found above.
  3. A contact person must be indicated should there be questions regarding the request for funds.
  4. Have you attached a copy of the Form 501[c]3 if the organization is exempt from payment of income tax? If you are part of a school corporation project or committee, this form MUST be attached ~ contact the school’s Administration Office.
  5. Have you attached the financials as requested in the application. School corporation projects and committees must submit the program’s financials.
  6. Questions regarding the application or process can be directed to Casey Crabb at the Carroll White REMC Office between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday. Phone number is:  (574) 583-0224 or (800) 844-7161.

Application Form

Application requirements:

  1. Answer all questions on the application
  2. Is your organization exempt from payment of income tax?
    • If the answer is YES, then you must include a copy of your organization’s IRS Form 501(c)(3) determination letter with the application.
    • If your organization is a government agency or public school, you are not required to include the IRS Form 501(c)(3).
  3. Include these documents with the application:
    • Detailed, itemized budget for the project/projects
    • Organization’s most recent annual report; audit or year-end financial statement. (The general publicly disclosed statements, not your detailed information.)
    • A one-page summary letter
    • Complete proposal narrative and key supporting documents such as charts, graphs or maps
    • Other information, which will present a complete and accurate picture of the organization