Been intrigued about installing a Geothermal Heat Pump at your residence or business, however up-front costs for the system put a stop to that thought? Well, not anymore! Carroll White REMC’s new Looped In program can take care of that!

Environmentally Friendly

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are simply one of the most environmentally friendly ways to heat and cool your home. They do not produce any carbon monoxide or any other greenhouse gasses that contribute both to your increased carbon footprint and air pollution.

If you are an eco-minded homeowner, switching to geothermal is one of the best choices you can make.

More Affordable to Operate

You will see the savings over time since these systems simply transfer heat. They do not create it by burning fuel. They draw energy from the grounds thermal mass which results in most homeowners saving up to 70 percent on utility bills.

Carroll White REMC will pay to have a member’s loop system installed, meaning that Carroll White REMC will own the loop portion, and will add a small rider to your monthly bill for use of the loop. This takes part of the up-front cost of the system out of the member’s financial obligation toward the project.

What’s the process?

  • It all starts with a phone call to our Energy Advisor, Joe Spear to set-up a home visit. Contact Joe at (800) 844-7161.
  • There will be some agreements and paperwork to take care of that will involve the member, Carroll White REMC as well as the licensed contractor the members selects for the Geothermal system install.
  • Carroll White selects a contractor for the Loop install.
  • Electric water heater, 40 gallons or larger, required as part of the Looped In program.
  • Post construction, Carroll White REMC will ensure all the work was done and finalize all rebates and will require a copy of the Geo installation invoice from the member’s approved contractor.
  • We will then notify our billing department for the monthly lease fee to be added onto your electric bill.

Contact Carroll White REMC for more information at (800) 844-7161 or by e-mail at