At the 12th Annual Meeting of Carroll White REMC, Board President Kent Zimpfer called the meeting to order.

Lucy Dold sang the national anthem and pastor John Westfall of St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church in Delphi gave the invocation.

Board President Kent Zimpfer introduced the current members of Carroll White REMC’s Board of Directors.

In her address to the membership, CEO Cathy Raderstorf discussed the strong financial position of the cooperative as well as the refund of over $700,000 in capital credits last fall. She stated that nearly $7 million has been returned to the members since 2013.

Raderstorf then discussed the three new substations that are in the process of being built to be in service by 2024-25 as well as a discussion of the major storm that went through our service territory at the end of March 2023. That storm caused just over $825,000 in damages. We are in the process of filing paperwork with FEMA for some reimbursement. “I want to thank all the Carroll White REMC members impacted by this storm for their support, encouragement and patience during this destructive weather event,” Raderstorf said. 

Raderstorf talked about working closely with our power supplier, Wabash Valley Power Alliance,  regarding changes coming to electric generation and the power grid. She closed her speech by thanking REMC’s 47 hardworking and dedicated employees for their efforts this past year.

Board President Kent Zimpfer talked about the recent rate adjustment that went into effect May 1. He discussed the process of working with the Prime Group from Louisville on a cost-of-service study and rate design.

“This year’s study and rate design indicated we needed a 2.23 percent increase overall. We are very happy that the increase is very small. Other neighboring utilities are having to raise rates in the 15-18 percent range,” said Zimpfer.

Zimpfer also recognized and thanked all CW REMC members who voluntarily participate in Operation Round Up, a philanthropic endeavor.

“Operation Round Up started in 2004, and to date, CW REMC has granted $969,727.41 to nonprofits within the service territory. All the money stays locally. This is a truly awesome feat.  At the current pace, we should reach the $1 million mark in January 2024. We will be planning a celebration to mark this milestone.”

Carroll White REMC attorney Patrick Manahan then conducted the annual board election. Reelected to serve three-year terms were: Kent Zimpfer, District 3; Ralph Zarse, District 5; and Tina Davis, District 7.

For several years, CW REMC has participated with CoBank, one of the cooperative’s lending institutions, in the Sharing Success Grant Program. Past recipients from across the cooperative’s service territory have benefited from this grant program.

This year, there were three recipients of Sharing Success grants:

Monon Civic Preservation Society received a $10,000 grant.

The Freedom Mission/Upper Room Youth Project in Delphi received a $5,000 grant.

Carroll Junior-Senior High School was awarded a $5,000 grant.

Junior Board Chair Grace Ayres introduced the junior board and discussed the $1,500 they collected to donate back to area nonprofits. “This year, our team collected $1,500, which we donated back to the community,” Ayres said. “The Junior Board elected to give an equal amount of our volunteer money to the Indian Trail Career Center and the art enrichment program at the Delphi Opera House. They have contributed so much to youth development in our community.”


Cooper Cross of Delphi Community High School received a $1,000 Junior Board of Directors Scholarship

Other $1,000 scholarship winners included:

Kendra Sheagley and Aydrial Taylor, Carroll High School

Bailee Curts, Maguire Thompson and Mia Wilson, Delphi Community High School

Emma Sorensen, Frontier High School

Tessa Robertson, North White High School

Hunter Storey, Pioneer High School

Tyler Vandeveer and Emma Voors, Tri-County High School


Grand prize — $500 bill credit: Debra Bird

$100 bill credit: Todd and Michelle Schmicker

$75 bill credit: Sandra Deardorff

$25 bill credit: Michael Davis, Maureen Johnson and Patricia Sharp

$50 cash: James Creighton, Donald Dolick, Pamela Phillips and Linda Zettee


Nintendo Switch Lite: Gideon McIntire and Chloe Pearson

Bounce N Splash inflatable water park: Mackenzie Layton