Share the Love (and the savings) with PowerShift®

Our goal is to ensure energy stays affordable for all our members. To help make that happen, we’ve developed PowerShift, a demand response program that helps members manage their energy usage during peak demand like a hot summer day or cold winter night. By encouraging members to participate in our demand-saving programs, we can limit the need for new plant construction and lessen the impact on member rates. Because building a new power plant is an expensive venture, it can mean increased costs for our members.

Qualifying members who can reduce power when energy supplies are low (or when wholesale market prices are high) may earn financial incentives by participating in these programs. Contact your Energy Advisor, Joe Spear, to find out what’s available in your area. PowerShift is a registered mark of Wabash Valley Power Association.

Water Heater Demand Response

Carroll White REMC also offers a demand response load control program for electric water heaters with 40 gallons of capacity or larger. Information is available on this program under the water heater portion of this site (please link the words water heater to the water heater section of this site.)