Carroll White REMC will provide rebates for members who purchase an electric vehicle and reside on our electric system. 

To be eligible members must:

  1. Be served by and have a structure on the Carroll White REMC system where charging will take place.
  2. Must provide proof of purchase of the charging unit to be installed and used at said structure.
  3. If claiming the EV Supplemental Fee rebate (up to $150) the member must provide the Registration or State Government issued document proving this fee was paid.
  4. Member’s electric account will be placed on the appropriate Time of Use rate and remain on said rate for a minimum of one year.

By agreeing to the terms eligible members receive the following:

  1. A rebate of 50% of the cost of the home charging unit with proof of purchase.  Maximum rebate is $300 for said unit.  If the member purchases a second electric vehicle and home charger, the member will be eligible for the rebate under these same terms.
  2. A rebate for a State Fee such as Indiana’s EV Supplemental Fee that is paid when registering the vehicle up to $150. This is a one-time rebate per membership.

Here is the link you need to sign-up for this program and receive the rebates.  Rebates could take up to four weeks to receive.

Sign up for the program