Budget Billing

Members who have had service for 12 consecutive months may sign up for fixed budget billing. With the Carroll White REMC fixed budget, your budget bill amount will be the same for 11 months equal to the average of the previous 12 months kilowatts usage at the time of budget signup.

There will be a catchup month after 12 months on the fixed budget and every year thereafter. In the catchup month, the billed budget amount will be the difference between the total amount of payments and the total actual charges.

If your bill has been overpaid, your catchup month bill will be a credit and the bill will state “Do Not Pay”. If you have used more electricity than your budget, your catchup month bill indicate the amount due.

Carroll White REMC will recalculate your budget every 12 months and the new fixed budget amount will start the month after the catchup month.

To sign up for budget billing please contact our office at (800) 844–7161.